Native, HTML5, and hybrid mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms.
  •  Business management
  •  Sales and Service apps
  •  Employee and Time Tracking
  •  Education tools and services
  •  Accounting tools
  •  Expense tracking and Account management
  •  Phone Utilities
  •  Media tools and services
  •  Requirements Analysis: We work closely with the client to determine what exactly they want to accomplish with the app. From this we determine concrete functional requirements and other details such as feasibility on our way to defining what the product is, who will use it and how they will use it.

  •  Design: We specifically design your app in models and units that will show how they work together and how they form the entire unit.

  •  Coding: Our developers use Java and Eclipse development suite to write the code by implementing the designs and respecting the requirements of the previous two stages.

  •  Testing: We vigorously test all of our apps to ensure maximum compatibility and error-free use with a number of virtual and real devices.

  •  Packaging and Marketing: We package the app appropriately so that it can easily be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, if requested we will manage listing the app in Google’s App Store.

  •  Maintenance: Every app that is worth creating will need maintenance as time goes on to adapt and evolve to new standards, user demands and changing environments.